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The Psalms- A String Of Pearls (The Podcast)

This is our third episode diving into the Psalms.
After having covered Psalms 1 and 2, Dan and Yohanan now turn to look at the connections between them. They discuss how the opening Psalms serve as an introduction to the whole Psalter, and how the Book of Psalms seems to have been intentionally structured.

Psalm 2- Why Did The Nations Rage (The Podcast)

Yochanan & Dan move from Psalm 1 to Psalm 2, and delve into the Hebrew, the structure, the connection and literary devices, and where this psalm sits in the Bible.

Psalm 1- Blessed is The Man (The Podcast)

look at the structure, images, meaning behind some of the Hebrew words, and teasing out some of its connections to Psalm 2 and elsewhere in the Bible.

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