Ezekiel 36- New hearts in the promised land (The Podcast)


What is God’s promise for the land? What is his plan for his people? Does the promised land still belong to Israel? Hoe is God going to put his plan to action?
Join Michael, Dan and Yohanan on a discussion of Ezekiel 36, while they try and answer theses questions and a few more.


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Main picture: Moses crossing the red sea

Getting to know those who came before us: How to Study a Biblical Character

The goal of this article is to give some guidance to those interested in focusing on a certain character from the Bible, and in understanding what is written about him and what lessons the biblical text wants to teach us through its description, or descriptions, of this character. An in-depth look into the life of a biblical character could be for our enjoyment, and beyond this what we learn from these characters can challenge us, instruct us, and guide us on a personal level…

המשיכו לקרוא »

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