Ezekiel 36- New hearts in the promised land (The Podcast)


What is God’s promise for the land? What is his plan for his people? Does the promised land still belong to Israel? Hoe is God going to put his plan to action?
Join Michael, Dan and Yohanan on a discussion of Ezekiel 36, while they try and answer theses questions and a few more.


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Let’s hear what the text has to say!

When considering the real conversations that we have from day to day, we see that it is important for us to learn how to listen to one another. Otherwise we won’t understand what the other side desires to communicate to us and there will not be any real interaction or communication. Of course, I am able to respond even without listening, but my response will only be relevant if I have perceived and understood what was said to me. We can look in the same manner at the reading of the Bible….

המשיכו לקרוא »

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