Devotion in war time – 17 October 2023


“Now, behold, the cry of the sons of Israel has come to Me; furthermore, I have seen the oppression with which the Egyptians are oppressing them. ‘Therefore, come now, and I will send you to Pharaoh, so that you may bring My people, the sons of Israel, out of Egypt.’ But Moses said to God, ‘Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the sons of Israel out of Egypt?’ And He said, ‘Certainly I will be with you, and this shall be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: when you have brought the people out of Egypt, you shall worship God at this mountain'” (Exod 3:9-12). I remember the title of a song written many years ago, “Improbable people for impossible tasks.” This is exactly what if feels like to be a follower of Yeshua, not just in Israel but around the world today. The needs and the challenges are overwhelming, and none of us feel up for the task. This Hebrew slave turned-prince-turned-fugitive was being called to rescue over a million people from the bondage of the world’s greatest superpower with a stick. No doubt Moses asked God, “Who am I?” God’s words of comfort to Moses are simple, yet profound. “I will be with you!” Moses needed to learn that the odds were overwhelmingly in his favor because it was two against one! And perhaps this is the greatest lesson of the burning bush. There is nothing at all spectacular or impressive about a bush, and a wimpy kid with a weed-whacker could certainly do it in. Unless, that is, the bush is indwelled with the presence of the God of Israel (Gen 3:2-6). We may feel like a little bush called to fight against the cedars of Lebanon. No worries. The odds are always in our favor! For the Lord our God loves to do great things in and through tiny bushes (see Deut 33:16). “For consider your calling, brethren, that there were not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble; but God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong, and the base things of the world and the despised God has chosen, the things that are not, so that He may nullify the things that are, so that no man may boast before God” (1 Cor 1:26-29).

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